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Tuuli was born 1978 in Kalmari, a small village in central Finland.Since the age of four, she has been playing classical violin and piano. She sat by the piano anytime it was free in a family of musicians. She would play anything she heard, including her older brothers classical piano homework, and she also made up her own little tunes.
At home, she could always play, even at night when other people were sleeping. Her performances started in early childhood, sometimes she was so excited and eager that her brother had to be there to carry her off the stage.

With not too much distraction in Kalmari, a lot of time was spent making music, reading, or being in the nature, which formed an important part of every day life. In the forest, there was room for dreaming.  Tuulis first band was called "Hedgehog", an ensemble formed during high school years that mainly played fusion jazz and which she composed some pieces for.

Her mother drove her to violin and piano lessons at the local music school. Later, jazz pianist Marian Petrescu as well as violinist, conductor and composer Krzysztof Dobosiewicz were influential teachers. When it came to choose professional studies, Jazz became more and more interesting. Tuuli went to study in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and graduated in 2005 from the conservatory´s jazz department with three main subjects (vocals, violin and piano). Since the year 2000, Tuuli has been performing in various settings in Germany, Holland, Finland, Slovakia and USA.

Driven by her desire to explore the music scene of New York, Tuuli landed in Manhattan in autumn 2005. She discovered the songwriter in herself when meeting local singer/songwriters and experiencing the opportunity to perform her first songs there. It was in New York where she got to know vocalist Dean Bowman who is
featured on Roses.

In 2006, Tuuli moved back to Finland and made plans for recording her music. Plans took form when she met jazz trumpeter and producer Mika Mylläri, who ended up producing her album after hearing some of her material. Time had come to make an album that would unfold what experience and learning had brought until now. Tuuli feels that music has been central in her life, a personal common thread. "It feels like
my life lived until now has been condensed into this album".